7 Trending Halloween Costumes You NEED This Year

It’s that time of year again! Ya know that thing that’s huge in America that we still haven’t seemed to have quite nailed… YUP, Halloween! and are we ever ready for the cheaply dressed children of busy last-minute parents to come demand sweets with the implied threat of “tricks”, NO. But are we usually ready for an excuse to party for the occasion like it’s the last Halloween party you’ll ever attend? Absolutely.

So this year instead of pulling out the crappy old witch’s hat you’ve been using since you were 12, along with the green face paint that makes you look more like you have the Black Plague instead of going for a ghoulish look, take some inspiration from what’s hot this year and go out looking like the bad-ass you are. Or trying to be…

Image: Shutterstock – gpointstudio

1. Barbie and ken 

as you may have heard Margot Robbie will be playing barbie alongside Ryan Gossling as Ken in an

in an upcoming live-action movie. so what better way to celebrate the release than by going out as the world’s most popular doll and her equally popular boyfriend?

What you’ll need:

– a blonde wig (or any wig if you’re feeling extra)

– a pink dress (or anything close to Barbie’s signature colour)

– some fake eyelashes

– If you don’t have someone to be Ken, just find a Ken Doll to take (borrow one from your niece or nephew, we won’t tell)

– some blue shorts (again, Barbie’s signature colour)

– a white shirt (to tuck into the shorts, of course)

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